Friday, June 20, 2008

Sweet Italian.

After a total yoga failure at lunch, I stopped by AG Ferrari in order to obtain a Pellagrino.

I bought 10 hardcandies from Pastiglie Leone, their Regal Torinos.

I've long been intrigued by the many colored wrappers, but only now tried to figure out the flavors I didn't know. And what a list of flavors it is! (I din't buy all of them, just a handful, so some will remain mysterious for now.)

Pomo cotogno- Quince (pale spring green wrapper)


Susina-Plum (royal purple wrapper)

Pesca- (Google translate says ‘fishing’, but this is my favorite iced tea flavor) Peach (rosy peach wrapper)

Menta piemonte- Peppermint

Pera- Pear

Anisetta- Anise (sky blue wrapper)

Mandarino- Mandarin (pumpkin orange wrapper)

Arancia- Orange

Albicocca- Apricot (sunflower yellow wrapper)

Fragolina – Strawberry?

Ratafia- liqueur or cordial flavored with peach or cherry kernels

Ribes- Red currant? (red wrapper)

Tamarindo- Tamarind (reddish brown wrapper)

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