Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's spring, bitches.

From a heavy earthenware pitcher on my worn oak table orange tulips are leaning into the last afternoon sun. Their delicate yellow edges cup the light.

The carmely crusts of two day old bread from Tartine, too sharp to bite until today.
Purple Haze, a goat cheese wrapped with lavender and fennel pollen
Cal del Solo Albarino

Please consume in a plain hot bath.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Team tiny pots

to start
Still-warm country bread from Tartine
Purple Haze
Cowgirl's St Pats
Pt Reyes Blue
Tiny apple jam
Ca del Solo Albarino, Monterey, 2007

and then
Two mini cocottes, enameled in cobalt, of simple mushroom soup

and after
Pomegranate marinated leg of lamb, seared and baked at 350 to 140
Two 5" granite-wear frying pans of Farm Fresh To You potatoes au gratin
(simple, just in Strauss milk & salt)
Goisot Bourgogne, Cotes d'Auxerre, 2oo4

And then I was so happy I forgot to offer the Eluthera.

Compas Box: Eleuthera, 2002-2005
“Eleuthera” was our very first vatted malt. Typically it combined 15 year-old malt whisky from the village of Brora, aged in re-charred hogsheads, with 12 year-old malt from the village of Port Askaig. Jim Murray said of our first release: “Quite simply, one of the most complex and truly magnificent vatted malts of all time. A collector’s piece.” Sadly, when the 15 year-old malt we needed was no longer available aged in re-charred casks, we decided to retire “Eleuthera” rather than overhaul the recipe.

Next time, remind me, A.