Monday, February 05, 2007


On January 11, 2007 I signed the lease on a new apartment, one with a kitchen all to myself. After 5 years with three roommates on Washington, between Baker and Lyon in SF's Pacific Heights district, I was ready to decamp. And take all my kitchen stuff with me. My new home is in SF's Mission district, one short block from my office. Lexington Street is just two blocks long, a tree lined, quiet one-way lane of small Victorians. Mine is rather mundane mauve stucco outside, but perfect inside.

Up 18 thickly carpeted, zin-colored stairs, the first thing you see through the tiny entry is the kitchen. Blonde oak floored (!!), butter yellow tiled chair rail, white wood cabineted bliss. The window above the vintage sink looks out into a quiet backyard, completely shaded by a vast Meyer lemon tree. The Wedgewood stove is certainly an attractive feature to me.

I'm unpacking.

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laurajanine said...

very exciting! Seriously, living by yourself, it is awesome.